DUAL DOUBLE-SIDED Flea Combs: Equipped with pins on not one but BOTH sides, this dual-sided flea comb for small dogs, puppies, kittens & cats is the #1 grooming tool among DIY home groomers & professionals.
STAINLESS STEEL PET combs teeth Made out of ultra strength stainless steel, the teeth of our flea comb for cats & dogs are strong enough to remove tangles & knots from pet fur as they safely retrieve pesky fleas.
WIDE PIN PATH FOR COMBING HAIR: The wide path side is recommended for gently combing your pet's fur to remove live or dead fleas. Combing his or her coat regularly also ensures it stays healthy.
TIGHTER PINS FOR REMOVING EGGS: The other side of the Pet flea comb with handle features closely spaced steel teeth that are best for eliminating flea eggs that have been laid on your dog or cat's skin.
HELPS CONTROL flea infestation: Comb your pet's hair regularly to provide him or her with itch-free relief the safe, easy & natural way. No need for pesticides, harsh dips or toxic chemical treatments.
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Top: Yangchen Dolkar, Yangzom, unknown, Tsering Dolma, Pema Donkar, unk, unk.2nd row: Captain Jaswant Singh, Kalsang Wangmo,unk, unk, Lhakpa Phenthok, Zomba, unk, unk, Pema Khando, unk Indian officer3rd row seated: Dapon Jampa Kalden, Gyakpon Pema, Gykpon Ugen Tsekyi , Major General Oberoi?, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Gyakpon Dechen Wangmo, Brigadier Rai, unk Sargent, Dapon Ratu Ngawang.  Seated on …

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The big news following the 59’ Uprising was, of course, the escape of the Dalai Lama from Lhasa, which was featured in cover stories in TIME, LIFE, Reader’s Digest and other journals and papers.  But the world press also took note of the violence and oppression taking place inside Tibet and journalists attempted to cover …

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The Legacy of the former “Enthroned” Prime Minister, His Eminence, Professor Samdhong Rinpoche. Tibetan historians have used the figurative expression “nurturing the embers of the dharma” (tempae mero solwa) to describe how such dedicated scholars and teachers as Lotsawa Rinchen Sangpo, Lekpe Sherap, Drom Tonpa, and the great Bengali spiritual master, Atisa, labored tirelessly to keep Buddhist teachings alive …

Red 2piece Red 2piece Detangling Bristles Slicker Smoothing Coat & Pins Fur – Animals Other & Cats Dogs, Massaging & Grooming for Brush Pet Double-Sided iupf534b81956-Brushes

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Bill Gates eyeing a jar of human feces at the “Reinvented Toilet Expo” in Beijing on Nov. 22, 2018.  AFP. Bill Gates and his impressive spouse, Melinda, have accomplished an enormous amount of good works throughout the world, not least being the eradication of polio throughout India. But one project of the Gates Foundation, the …

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Chinese police shielding themselves from Tibetan missiles. Image: uprisingarchive.com. DON’T STOP THE REVOLUTION  by Jamyang Norbu, High Asia, 2018.         A Review by Dr. Warren W. Smith Jr.                                                 …